Who We Are

Operation Christmas Tree is an annual assistance program for local less fortunate families in St. Clair Township Ward 1.  Coordinated by the Optimist Club of Moore volunteers, Operation Christmas Tree is a registered non-profit charity.

Our History 

Operation Christmas Tree was initiated in 1985 as part of the Yule Glow Program by Ken Lavoie (chairman) Corunna Postmaster.
About 17 Families were assisted in 1985 because of an informal organization put together between the four post offices: Corunna, Courtright, Brigden and Mooretown
Upon re-evaluation a more organized approach was needed. An eight member board was formed from representatives of local churches, schools, service clubs and youth groups

Operation Christmas Tree came under the auspices of the Optimist Club of Moore in 1989  and became a charitable program,  and has grown into a community event supported by charitable organizations, local businesses, churches, schools and individuals throughout St. Clair Township. Today, we still serve those in need in Ward 1 (Moore) portion of St. Clair Township


Board of Directors

President – Stan Marsh
Vice President – Paul Mitchell
Treasurer/Secretary – Davida Nimmo
Peter Grunte
Ken  Nimmo
Dan Van NIce

Committee Members

Melissa Atyeo
Mary Lou Abrams

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